You Receive a 2.5% Cash Rebate on the Price of Your New Home

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WE'RE TOPS WITH 2.5% Cash Rebates On New Home Sales

It's Easier Than You Think

We're a Texas real estate company dedicated to helping home buyers find home, and have a great experience in the process. We offer new home buyers 2.5% cash back  on new home purchases - build or ready to move into. We believe that buying a new build home is a fantastic thing to do.

Let's count the reasons:

  • Everything is NEW - from the foundation to the rooftop - every element is new, clean and working. It's totally yours.
  • Maintenance and repairs - worry free in the initial years of ownership.
  • Warranties - up to 10 years on construction and 1 to 2 years or more on appliances and mechanical systems.
  • Energy efficiency - cost saving innovations are built into every new home for lower utility bills and a cleaner more comfortable environment.
  • Wiring - new homes are smart and enable you to specify your needs and wants regarding media, computer access, etc.
  • General Cost - your builder will tell you exactly what your monthly payments will be, and they will include taxes, insurance and your mortgage payment. 

These are just a few of the advantages of buying a new home. 

Beyond that, buying a home is a wise investment for the future. There are tax incentives and, as equity builds , so does your feeling of security and the knowledge that this is your home, and your heart is in it.

We know that a home purchase is the biggest, most important expenditure most people ever make and we are dedicated to helping you navigate the adventure safely. We'll walk through the process with you and we'll be there after you move in if you need us.





Our Goal: Your Satisfaction

Our 2.5% rebate is in addition to price reductions, closings and other specials offered by your builder. For some builders this adds up to over $15,000 is savings.  You receive a check from us within 2 days of closing, or you can apply funds directly to the transaction with most builders.

The 2.5% rebate is based on our 3% commission from the builder. If a builder pays less than 3%, we give you 50% of our commission. 

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What You Do


A Few Simple Steps

1.Get prequalified with your lender.  Find out how much house you can buy.

2. You'll also need to let us know that you're looking and want to participate in our 2.5% rebate. program.  We'll send you Information About Brokerages Services, which tells you our responsibility to you as your representative. You may also download it here.

3. Keep us informed of the  builders and communities  you want to see. At each community  tell the salesperson that you are working with My Top Texas Home and call or text us so we can contact the sales person. 

4. Builders have their own lenders and when you find the home you want, don't hesitate to start the pre-qualification application process with the builder.  Often builders give special incentives to people who use their lenders, so it definitely can be to your advantage. If you have questions during the process, contact us.

5.  Be sure and inform us  that you've found the home you want and are starting the process with the builder. We'll look over your paperwork for you to make sure that everything is in order.

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